Art Project: Lübecker Hanse-Schule, 5. April 2023

The Travemünde painter Gerd Rehme has been awarded the contract for an art project with a class from the Lübeck Hanse-Schule (vocational and cultural school).

The project day is April 5th. Under the guidance of Gerd Rehme, a DaZ class (German as a second language) – approximately 18 Ukrainian students – will create paintings in pairs on this day. The topics are developments in our digital world, including those that are not only positive, such as facial recognition or the use of artificial intelligence. The task will be to explore this topic artistically. Gerd Rehme has ample experience in this area, having created images on these topics for some time.

The class’s paintings are then to be presented to the school and the wider public in early May.