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 An extraordinary exhibition titled “Partnerships: A Global Dialogue through Art,” featuring several works by Gerd Rehme, is on display.

Art Project

Lübecker Hanse-Schule

“8 Ukrainian students created 9 artworks on the topic of the digital world and AI. These artworks will be presented to the public on May 25th.”


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Artist Spotlight

Aesthetica Magazine

“The contemporary artist Gerd Rehme transcends the boundaries of painting and explores complex topics such as cybernetics, posthumanism, and ecology.”

„K.I.- Künstliche Intelligenz“, Eisenrost, Elektronikteile, Acryl auf Leinwand, 60x80cm, 2022

From artificial intelligence to color dominance


The autodidactic development in oil painting since then

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From the lens to the canvas

As a portrait and advertising photographer, Gerd Rehme felt a creative urge to express himself even more strongly. His first oil paintings ignited a passion for art in him and led him to experiment with other painting techniques on his own. Shortly thereafter, he held his first exhibitions and even began studying at the Academy of Painting in Berlin to obtain a written certificate of his skills.

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