An artist who shapes modern art

"Painting as dystopia"
Publication in the art magazine "ARTMAPP"

How artist Gerd Rehme critically translates the increasing influence of artificial intelligence on society into images.

The magazine “ARTMAPP” is always up to date for 3 months and can be found mainly at train stations and airports.


The Travemünde painter Gerd Rehme was awarded the contract for an art project with a class from the Hanse-Schule in Lübeck (Vocational and Cultural School). The project day was on April 5th. Under the guidance of Gerd Rehme, a DaZ class (German as a Second Language) consisting of approximately 18 Ukrainian students, created paintings in pairs on that day. The themes revolved around developments in our digital world, including those that are not solely positive, such as facial recognition or the use of artificial intelligence. The task was to engage artistically with this subject matter. Gerd Rehme has ample experience in this field, as he has been creating artwork on these topics for quite some time.

The class’s paintings are scheduled to be presented to the school and the general public in early May.

According to the school administration, the project day was a complete success.

The Ukrainian students created a total of 9 paintings on canvas in pairs, some of which incorporated computer parts (provided by me). These paintings will be presented to the public on May 25th.


Aesthetica Magazine is a global network for art and culture. International and innovative artists in the fields of art, design, photography, architecture, music, and film are featured in the English-language magazine. The magazine is distributed nationally and internationally and has a total readership of more than 500,000.

In the October/November 2022 issue, artist Gerd Rehme will be featured with his artwork “Coherence”. His unique art style, thematic world, and planned museum exhibition at the Art Archive Museum in Beijing, organized by Pashmin Art Consortia, are the focus of the article.

Ewas Place

The fashion and lifestyle magazine “Ewa’s Place” is published 12 times a year. Editor-in-chief Ewa Haas-Stahl takes readers on a stylish and fashion-conscious journey, while also placing great emphasis on insights into the art scene. Under the section “Art Highlights from Pashmin Art,” Gerd Rehme was featured prominently. Rehme’s two abstract works, “Atmospheric” and “Coherence,” as well as his art philosophy, are presented on a double page spread.


For those who pursue visual arts as a profession, solid technical skills and knowledge are essential, in addition to creative ideas and inspirations. To acquire this necessary foundation for a career as an artist, it is not necessarily required to attend a university with a specific art program. Competent private lessons are also a viable means of obtaining adequate qualifications to pursue one’s personal artistic goals.

The artwork “Euphoria” by Gerd Rehme consists of geometric shapes in a burst of energy. The shapes are divided into two core colors, red and blue, each with various facets. Gerd Rehme undertakes the interplay of structures that “push” each other upward with an archaic-looking flatness, which is repeatedly interrupted by color changes and figure-like lines.

In his work “Dominance” we can sense a hierarchy, presented through a sequence of colors and their influences. The wiped red, applied with a broad brushstroke, penetrates horizontally into an already existing colour surface of turquoise-green and white nuances. The artist drastically and uncompromisingly places it in the foreground, easily flooding any foundation. The boundary is currently located in the other, namely the green area. A looming conflict is already apparent, as the colors lie close to each other and wait, hesitating.

Bad Schwartau

Gerd Rehme only discovered acrylic painting later in life through painting courses and guidance from Maribel Brandis, an artist from Barcelona, primarily focusing on abstract art.

Curious, he finds his place in experimental painting. Here he can explore different paths where the brush is only a tool. From collages to drawings with wax or traces with the spatula on the freshly poured paint on the canvas – everything finds its course in the working process.

“The journey is the goal” – his motto – allows for the element of chance. Skillfully analyzing the composition of the painting, he completes this adventure of the abstract artwork. He feels free and limitless during the creative process. Maribel Brandis placed great importance on craftsmanship, which Gerd Rehme has internalized.

He was further supported by courses with well-known artists at the Kunstfabrik Hannover.

Gerd Rehme has always been interested in many contemporary issues. He critically engages with current, pressing topics, such as climate change in works like “Atmospheric” or “Icy Cold.”

What is happening to our environment? Where do we put our waste? Hence the painting titled “Man and Sea” etc. His works also deal with controversial or taboo topics such as “violence”, “hate”, “fear”, “dominance”.

“Artists are a mirror of our present time. Humanity still has a lot to learn about tolerance and empathy.”