An artist who shapes modern art

  • Human? 04 – 14 April 2024, single exhibition, KUNSTTANKSTELLE Defacto Art e.V. Lübeck
  • Kosmiki Dynami: Art as a Universal Momentum, 8 December 2023 – 18 February 2024, Rothko-Museum, Daugavpils, Latvia
  • Woche der K.I., Lübeck
  • Exhibition – KünstlerGemeinschaft, Travemünde
  • Contours of Creativity – Pashmin Art Gallery, Bad Tölz
  • The gallery “Hafenpanorama” (Harbour Panorama) was a new cultural offer during the Travemünder Woche, the second largest sailing regatta event in the world.
  • Japanese Artists & Friends in the Kunstraum Viernheim
  • PARTNERSHIPS: A Global Dialogue through Art
  • Presentation of the Art Project: Lübeck Hanseatic School
  • Search for human – from BILDZeitung to AI , KUNSTTANKSTELLE Defacto Art e.V. Lübeck
  • Kunstpavillon Travemünde
  • Borders – District Exhibition of the Förderverein bildende Kunst Ostholstein e.V.
  • AI Week, Lübeck
  • Pashmin Art Gallery – Solo Exhibition, Hamburg
  • MediCo Center Lübeck – Stockelsdorf
  • Art Fair New York
  • Gallery Nissy Kunstkantine, Hamburg
  • Art Fair, Luxembourg
  • Pashmin Art Gallery – Tolerability of being, Hamburg
  • Gallery Mannheim
  • The Gallery Steiner, Wien
  • Artbox Project Zürich 3.0 – Swissartexpo
  • Luxembourg Art Prize
  • Bremen-Vegesacker Kunstherbst
  • Participant of the 31. District Exhibition of the Förderverein Bildende Kunst Ostholstein e.V.
  • Art Miami, Florida
  • Volksbank, Lübeck
  • Gallery Marziart Hamburg
  • Exhibitions Asklepios-Klinik Bad Schwartau
  • MediCo Gesundheitszentrum Stockelsdorf-Lübeck u.a.

Human? - KUNSTTANKSTELLE Defacto Art e.V. Lübeck

04 – 14 April 2024
Human in the sense of “humane”? Or in the sense of “ethically high quality”?
Rehme explores this question with his latest pictures.
KUNSTTANKSTELLE Defacto Art e.V. Lübeck
Vernissage: April 04, 2024, 7 pm
The opening speech was given by Nour Nouri, Director of the Pashmin Art Gallery Hamburg.

Kosmiki Dynami: Art as a Universal Momentum, Rothko-Museum, Daugavpils, Latvia

Exceptional Exhibition Unveils Diverse Modern Artistic Expressions
8 December 2023 – 18 February 2024
“Kosmiki Dynami” is a celebration of art as a dynamic and omnipresent force, transcending geographical and cultural boundaries. This groundbreaking exhibition features a diverse array of modern artistic expressions from a group of extraordinary artists.
Rothko Museum, Latvia; Pashmin Art Consortia, Germany
Curators: Māris Čačka and Nour Nouri
Co-curators: Dr. Davood Khazaie and Farida Zaletilo

Woche der K.I. (Week of the Ai), Lübeck

Gerd Rehme was invited to exhibit some of his pictures at the A.I. Week in Lübeck on 8.11.23.
Together with numerous projects from Lübeck’s universities and institutes, he showed pictures on the subject of A.I., which depict the transition from natural human beings to electronic beings and are intended to stimulate reflection.

Exhibition - KünstlerGemeinschaft, Travemünde

Presentation of some pictures as part of the joint exhibition of the Travemünde artists’ community from 20.10. to 19.11.23 in the beautiful Strandbahnhof from the Art Nouveau period.

The mayor of the Hanseatic City of Lübeck also did the honors.

Contours of Creativity - Pashmin Art Gallery, Bad Tölz

Exploring Artistic Journeys and Transformative Visions

Group exhibition

Pashmin Art Gallery, Bad Tölz Branch

September 9, 2023 – October 7, 2023

Vernissage: September 9, 2023, 7:00 PM

Captivating works of three renowned artists, Gerd Rehme, Silke von Clarmann and Jürgen Haffa.

The gallery "Hafenpanorama" (Harbour Panorama)

The gallery “Hafenpanorama” was a new cultural offer during the Travemünder Woche, the second largest sailing regatta event in the world. Gerd Rehme was invited to present some of his works. The mayor of the Hanseatic City of Lübeck did not miss the opportunity to visit Gerd Rehme at his booth.

EXHIBITION: 21.July 2023 at: 7 pm in the cruise terminal Travemünde

This year the gallery ‘Hafenpanorama’ celebrates its premiere as an artistic highlight of the 134th Travemünder Woche. On 450 m2 a total of fourteen painters and photographers from
from the seaside resort of Travemünde and the region will present their works of art around the topics sea, ships, beach, wind and sailing. The gallery “Hafenpanorama” is complemented by the youth project among others with the youth project “Fahnenmeer”, an art sculpture made of recycled plastic, views of the “WindArt” and a collage of children’s pictures of our Danish guest “Delle”.

JAPANESE ARTISTS & FRIENDS 2023 Galerie Böhner in the Kunstraum Viernheim

EXHIBITION: June 24 to September 3, 2023
June 24, 2023 at 7 p.m.

Opening hours:
Fri. + Sun. 14 – 18 h
and by appointment

Kunstraum Gerdi Gutperle
Heidelberger Straße 9
Zufahrt Rhein-Neckar-Zentrum
68519 Viernheim

Partnerships: A Global Dialogue Through Art

EXHIBITION: June 2nd to July 2nd, 2023

We are delighted to invite you to an extraordinary exhibition titled “Partnerships: A Global Dialogue through Art.” This event will take place at our museum from June 2nd to July 2nd, 2023. The opening reception will be held on June 2nd, 2023, at 3 p.m.

“Partnerships” explores the power of collaboration and cultural exchange through art. It showcases works by renowned artists from around the world, each bringing their unique perspective and creative vision. The exhibition aims to foster a global dialogue, cultivate diverse perspectives, and enhance understanding of art across borders. A preview of the artworks from the exhibition is available at the Archive Museum.


A group of students from Ukraine had the opportunity to spend a day on an art project with renowned artist Gerd Rehme from Travemünde. The theme of the project day was “Developments in the Digital World – Leading to Artificial Intelligence.” On June 14, 2023, the results of this creative collaboration were presented, and the young artists were highly praised for their achievements. The resulting artworks are distinguished by their exceptional artistic design and fantasy.

defacto Kunsttankstelle: Search for human - from BILDZeitung to AI - 2023

EXHIBITION 20. to 23. april 2023
Vernissage 20. april 2023 at 7 PM

Opening hours:
Thu. + Fri. 4 – 7 PM
Sat. + Sun. 1 – 6 PM

Wallstraße 3-5, 23560 Lübeck

Kunstpavillion Travemünde - 2023

Group Exhibition
Thu-Sat: 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Kunstpavillon Travemünde, Vogteistraße 21, Travemünde

Gerd Rehme exhibits some of his paintings from February 3 to April 30, 2023, including both abstract and representational artworks. The dominant use of blue colors often serves as a connection to the location by the sea. The artist’s studio is also located here. On April 1, 2023, the Art Pavilion hosted a two-hour artist talk that was attended by numerous visitors. They had the opportunity to learn about the meaning of the paintings and the different materials used. Gerd Rehme particularly enjoys working with the material of rusted iron, which, for him, symbolizes transience – especially in the context of portraying human subjects, as we humans are also transient.

Visitors also asked about the themes of Gerd Rehme’s more recent paintings. He explained that since early 2022, he has been artistically exploring the topic of “Developments in the Digital World,” specifically focusing on areas such as “Digital Face Recognition” and “Artificial Intelligence” – a highly relevant subject. His intention is to raise awareness among viewers and encourage them to critically engage with this theme.

Gerd Rehme will continue to support the Art Pavilion Travemünde, for example, by booking further exhibition dates.

Borders - District Exhibition of the Fördervereins bildende Kunst Ostholstein e.V. - 2022

Gerd Rehme about the county exhibition: “I was at the District Exhibition Förderverein Bildende Kunst and was impressed by the talented artists and their artworks. The variety of works, from abstract paintings to realistic sculptures, showcased the passion and creativity of the artists. It was an unforgettable experience.

The organization of the exhibition was also excellent. Everything was perfectly planned and the premises were ideal for the presentation of the artworks. It was a pleasure to view art in a pleasant and inviting environment. I can recommend anyone interested in art to visit the next district exhibition of the Visual Arts Association. It is a unique opportunity to experience talented artists and their works.”

AI Week, Lübeck- 2022

Gerd Rehme was part of the AI Week in Lübeck, and it was an unforgettable experience. The city has shown that it is rightly considered one of the leading locations in the field of AI. The collaboration between the University of Lübeck, Lübeck University of Applied Sciences, IHK Lübeck, DFKI, Fraunhofer IMTE, and the Hanse Innovation Campus Lübeck was impressive, and the program was diverse, offering something for everyone.

“I participated in the Week of Artificial Intelligence in Lübeck. It was a week full of events, workshops, and lectures about AI. I learned a lot and had conversations with experts and other participants about current developments in the field of AI. It was an enriching experience.

I highly recommend anyone interested in AI to participate in the next “Week of AI” in Lübeck. It is a unique opportunity to learn more about the latest developments in this field and to engage in conversations with experts and other enthusiasts,” said the artist.

Pashmin Art Gallery, Solo exhibition, Hamburg - December 9th, 2022 to January 6th, 2023.

In his current works, the artist Gerd Rehme deals with the themes of “digital capture of the human face” and artificial intelligence. He poses the question of “where humans still retain control and whether there will be a transition from human to artificial intelligence.” In this solo exhibition “Art and Artificial Intelligence” the Pashmin Art Gallery in Hamburg showcases a variety of works by Gerd Rehme, demonstrating his impressive range of artistic skill. His powerful abstract works thrive on lively complementary colors, and his figurative paintings invite the viewer to contemplate inspiring emotional worlds. He likes to use the material “iron rust,” a symbol of the ephemeral nature of life and the decay of a resilient material. The visual impact and texture of iron rust have impressed art lovers since time immemorial.

Art Fair, New York - 2022

The Vienna-based Steiner Gallery recently had the honor of presenting two of the artist’s most renowned works in their new show at the Art Fair New York. Two different techniques of the artist were chosen to demonstrate the diversity of his art. Firstly, photography, a technique that made the artist well-known, and then a newer technique that he recently experimented with.

The attention given to the artist and his works by the visitors of the Art Fair New York was immense. Many visitors showed interest in the artist’s works and were impressed by the variety of techniques he uses in his works. The Steiner Gallery was proud to present these two works in their show in New York and to honor the artist’s creativity.

Nissis Art Gallery, Hamburg - 2022

The Nissis Art Gallery from Kunstkantine Hamburg  is a place where artists from all over the world come together to exhibit and discuss their works. In the current exhibition “ART AND GOOD,” the artists Maribel Brandis from Schwartau, Gerd Rehme from Travemünde, and Fabio La Manna from Italy have presented their paintings with a wide range of themes. The majority of the paintings revolve around the theme of water, but there are also portraits and abstract paintings.

MediCo Center Lübeck - Stockelsdorf - 2022

Gerd Rehme and Maribel Brandis, two artists from Stockelsdorf, are currently presenting new works in a joint exhibition at the MediCo Center in Lübeck-Stockelsdorf. The focus of Gerd Rehme’s paintings is on portraits of men, often depicted with iron rust as a symbol of human transience. Maribel Brandis focuses on the landscape near Barcelona in her works. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the exhibition can also be visited virtually. A virtual tour of the exhibition is offered on the MediCo Center’s website, so that one can still view the works of the two artists even if unable to be there in person.


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Art Fair, Luxembourg - 2022

Luxembourg Art Fair: The Mannheim-based Gallery Böhner presented the abstract works of Gerd Rehme at the Luxembourg fair. The gallery is known for its excellent selection of modern and contemporary artworks. The abstract works of Gerd Rehme fit perfectly into this concept. They are powerful and expressive and show the artist’s diverse facets. With the presentation of Gerd Rehme’s abstract works, the Böhner gallery once again demonstrated its expertise.

Pashmin Art Gallery, The bearableness of being - 2022

The Pashmin Art Gallery is proud to present a group exhibition that brings together works by three renowned artists. Gerd Rehme, Christina Czarnowsk, and Barbara Bienemann showcase some of their most remarkable pieces. Each artist has a unique approach and perspective that they bring to their artwork. Visitors will have the opportunity to admire the work of these three remarkable artists and learn how they developed their own interpretation of the theme “the bearableness of being.” The exhibition provides an opportunity for visitors to engage with the works and gain some valuable insights into the artists’ ways of thinking. The Pashmin Art Gallery is delighted to offer this unique opportunity to its visitors and invites them to embark on a journey into art.

Gallery Böhner Mannheim - 2022

What is painting? This is the question that arises when one views the current group exhibition at the Sammlung & Galerie Böhner in Mallau. The answer is complex and creates a connection between energy and substance as well as between transience and permanence. The artworks that can be admired in the foyer create a cosmic atmosphere and emphasize their dynamism through various shades of color such as blue, red, or phosphor yellow. Each individual piece shines under a unique play of light.

The painter Dagmar Henneberger, who hails from Würzburg, impressively meets this requirement. Her paintings seemingly emerge from nothingness and she uses conventional colors as well as sand, ash, stone flour, and soot to emphasize the tactile impression of the visual in special cases. Gerd Rehme, who works in various genres and creates not only the abstract paintings exhibited here but also figurative works, uses similar materials such as stains, sand, wood shavings, and putty to intensify the impression. He has recently also incorporated iron rust into his paintings, representing temporality and transience. Rehme learned his craft, among other places, at the Academy of Painting in Berlin.

The Gallery Steiner, Wien - 2022

On January 11, 2022, „The Gallery Steiner in Wien“ hosted its first vernissage of the year. The exhibiting artists this time are: Thorsten Boehm Art “Behind the Mirror,” Libuse Vyskocilova “Colourful Route of Knowledge,” Jonathan Berkh “humanity,” and Gerd Rehme “Kraftvoll.” Gerd Rehme personally attended the vernissage and gave a very vivid explanation of the creation of his paintings and the various techniques he uses.

Artbox Project Zürich 3.0 - Swiss Art Expo - 2021

Art Prize, Luxembourg - 2021

Bremen-Vegesacker Kunstherbst - 2021

11th participant of the 31st district exhibition of the Fördervereins Bildende Kunst Ostholstein e.V., - 2021

Art Miami - 2021

Volksbank Lübeck - 2020

Galerie Marziart, Hamburg - 2020

Ausstellungen Asklepios-Klinik Bad Schwartau

MediCo Gesundheitszentrum Stockelsdorf-Lübeck - 2018