An artist who shapes modern art.

Colorful games with optimistic transience

At Gerd Rehme’s, vibrant complementary colors meet sociocritical collage works. His abstract paintings offer the viewer ample space for discovery and introspection, as they shine with a free and boundless composition. The figurative paintings inspire reflection, as they address essential topics such as tolerance, epochal areas like climate change, or controversial discussions like artificial intelligence.

“The artist likes to use iron rust as a material for his works, which can be seen as a symbol for the ephemeral nature of life and the decay of a resilient raw material. The visual effect and texture of iron rust have impressed art lovers for centuries. The artist also likes to use wood stains, sand, building foam, or electronic components, which evoke a sensual and tactile perception. The colors are applied to the canvas with both brush and spatula, or poured with a sophisticated pouring technique, creating a powerful effect.”

"Only water can transform a desert."

Outside the doors of his studio in Travemünde, the artist Gerd Rehme breathes in fresh Baltic Sea air every day, which surely serves as a source of inspiration for the water elements in his works.

When Rehme worked as a portrait and advertising photographer, he increasingly felt an inner creative urge that had led him to oil painting through a collegial companionship. Initially, the artist experimented as an autodidact and decided many years later to begin studying at the Academy of Painting in Berlin with Ute Wöllmann, a master student of Professor Georg Baselitz. Gerd Rehme has completed his major studies and is currently in the master’s program.

For many years, Gerd Rehme exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in the northern German region and shortly thereafter, he was seen in various international exhibitions in Vienna, Zurich, Luxembourg, and Miami. His participation in the international museum project Archive Art Museum in Beijing, in cooperation with the Hong Art Museum and Pashmin Art Consortia, can be considered a career highlight.

Certificates and diplomas